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Jen’s Favorite Meatball Soup – Crockpot Dish

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October 21, 2017

This is my favorite meatball (abondigas) soup that is a staple for me in Phase 2 of the Hcg Diet. This is one of those recipes I can make in bulk and keep in my fridge at all times. It's so good, I look forward to eating it just about every day. Even my toddler loves this!

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 4 hrs


1This is a "nothing can go wrong" Hcg Diet recipe so feel free to vary it once you have the base. Toss everything into the crockpot or slow cooker for about 4 hours on low. If you are adding zucchini, I recommend adding that in the last hour so they don't get overcooked. Enjoy!


1 lb lean ground turkey or beef (as lean as possible, and preferably organic) seasoned with salt and pepper and formed into meatball shapes.

3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon coconut amigos or braggs amino acids

6 cups of water (or just fill your crockpot/slow cooker)

1 large can diced tomatoes

1 tablespoon minced garlic


1 tablespoon salt (I use pink Himalayan salt- more or less to taste)

1 tablespoon of cayenne (more or less depending on how spicy you like it- this is a fat burning spice!)

1 tablespoon onion powder (I use chopped onion)

1 tablespoon oregano

1 tablespoon basil

1 tablespoon chili powder (optional)

1 teaspoon of turmeric

From here, you can pick and choose your spices to get creative. I stick to the italian seasoning spices; oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, marjoram, sage. Add or omit whichever you'd like. The base of this soup is so good, you can afford to experiment 😉 If you use an Italian Seasoning blend, be sure to read the label and check for added sugar, or starch.


If you mix your vegetables on Hcg Diet Phase 2 like I do... you can also add:

1 white onion, chopped (Did you know if you light a candle while you are cutting onion, it won't make you tear up? Nifty cooking tip I thought I'd share!)

2 Zucchinis added in the last hour of cooking.


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Rebecca Corbett

February 1, 2019

I’ve made this several times on P2. My BF loves it and doesn’t complain that I’m starving him. I usually add cabbage that I’ve shredded in the food processor.

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