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Hcg Diet Green Smoothie Phase2 Basic

Jen’s Basic Green Smoothie for Hcg Diet Phase 2

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May 5, 2016

A refreshing, Hcg Diet friendly green smoothie. You can vary the ingredients based on your taste preferences and needs for the day. Stick to the basics greens and play with ginger, cinnamon, mint, etc.

You can even use your permitted milk allowance for a creamier smoothie (I use almond milk as a sugar free substitute for milk)

  • Prep: 5 mins
Hcg Diet Green Smoothie Phase2 Basic


1Throw everything into a blender (I use a vitamix) and blend well. Makes about 4 servings you can keep in the fridge for later. I have 1 or 2 a day. I store them in old Kombucha tea bottles so I can grab one on my way out the door for a snack while I'm out. You can use lemon and ginger for a zesty taste OR... stevia for a sweeter flavor.


2 cups Spinach (or approx 2 handfuls)

2 cups Kale (or approx 2 handfuls)

1 Green apple (I use Green apples because they have less sugar but you can use Red if you want to vary.) I will also occasionally use the allotted handful of strawberries instead of the apple.

1 dash Cinnamon (Optional - Metabolism booster)

1 Ginger, fresh piece, about 1/2 inch or more to taste. (optional)

1 Cucumber

4 cup Water - (or equiv water + ice for a more slushy chilled smoothie)


Nutrition Facts

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Jen L

Jen L

October 4, 2019

I do add avocado!!! It’s technically not P2 approved tho, so use sparingly and watch for stalls. It hasn’t stalled me personally though 🙂

For P3, I add half or a full avocado and that’s my fav breakfast!

Kristine E knowles

April 19, 2019

Hi. I could have sworn that avocado was added to this recipe. Am I mistaken? Thanks


March 15, 2018

Can I just eat smoothies on the hcg diet?


January 13, 2018

These particular greens are a FREE food. So you don’t need to worry about “mixing” veggies.

Jen L


October 21, 2017

You know, the original protocol (https://hcgdietinfo.com/Diet-HCG) doesn’t permit mixing vegetables by Dr. Simeons, but he didn’t go into details as to why. I can only assume this was because it would be more difficult to go over the allowed calories. Regardless, I mixed vegetables in Phase 2 just fine and actually had better results when I did.

Jen L


October 21, 2017

If you come up with any variations you like, feel free to share!

Jen L


October 21, 2017

It depends on your protocol, but if following the original protocol as closely as possible, then yes. 🙂


July 5, 2017

Question? If you drink this smoothie it counts as your fruit for the day correct? Do you eliminate you veggie at a meal then as well?


May 6, 2017

halved the recipe, it’s lightly tasty but oddly not very earthy. It’s good.


October 16, 2016

Sounds great! But I thought we were not supposed to mix veggies? And avoid tuna?

Jen L


July 13, 2016

Hi Lisa! I’m hoping to have an automated way of doing this in the near future but since this database is new, it’s up to the contributors to add nutritional value- or me 🙂 It looks like I forgot to add it to this one myself, so I’ll go back in and include that information.

Did you try it? What did you think? My friends call this my Swamp Water Smoothie… but once they taste it, they always ask me to make them one too!

Lisa Miranda

July 8, 2016

Hi, I enjoy these recipes, but how can I calculate calorie and nutritional info? Thank you, Lisa


May 5, 2016

I love this smoothie! Thank you!

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