Phase 2 Cappuccino Iced Recipe


1For an iced Hcg Diet friendly (unlimited beverage allowance!) just blend & serve! (Blend with cold coffee, not hot.)

2Detailed hcg diet friendly recipe instructions:

3Brew a cup of plain unflavored coffee.

4Allow the coffee to cool completely; you do not want the ice to melt and water down the flavor of your cappuccino. "Watered down" cappuccino is just not so good 🙂

5Once the coffee has cooled completely, add the ice, and all stevia (including all flavors) into a large cup.

6Stir very well or.... blend for an even better tasting and textured cappuccino. Use the pulse method for best results.



1/2 cup Crushed ice

1 tbsp Milk

5 drops Vanilla Creme stevia

5 drops English Toffee stevia

5 drops stevia

1 cup Coffee


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