Cuisine: Phase 3 Snack & Side Dish Recipes

Okra recipe for Hcg Diet Phase 2 and 3

Amazing Okra for Hcg Phase 2 or 3!

Olive Oil (Only for Phase 3; you can leave this out for Phase 2, and it will still be good, but the okra won't be as crispy) 

Alternative to olive oil:  Balsamic Vinegar

Preheat oven to 425 Degrees
Cut the okra in to small, bite size pieces
Toss okra in salt, pepper and Olive Oil
Spread on cookie sheet

Cook for 25 minutes until crunchy...stir the okra halfway to prevent burning

So So good! and every bit of "sliminess" is gone!

By MrBigStuff

Christmas Ham Roll Ups P3

Ham rolls

By ImPat

Artichoke dip P3


By ImPat

Cranberry Orange Relish (Hcg Diet Phase 3 Friendly or Holiday Planned Interruption)

Prep time is 3 minutes. Cook time is 10 minutes.
Quick and Healthy Hcg Diet Alternative to store bought cranberry sauce. 0 Added sugar, a whole food, and full of antioxidants and fiber.

By Jenya

Green Bean Casserole

By Jenya

Strawberry Chips

Slow dried strawberry chips.

By Julieshcgrecipes

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