Cuisine: Phase 2 Drink & Beverage Recipes (Teas & Smoothies)

P2/P3 Stevia Lemonade


Pat WilliamsBy ImPat

Phase 2 Hcg Diet Friendly Cinnamon Dolce Coffee Recipe

Cinnamon Dolce, Hcg Diet Phase 2

Krazy Chicken LadyBy Krazy Chicken Lady

Hcg Diet Green Smoothie Phase2 Basic

Jen’s Basic Green Smoothie for Hcg Diet Phase 2

A refreshing, Hcg Diet friendly green smoothie. You can vary the ingredients based on your taste preferences and needs for the day. Stick to the basics greens and play with ginger, cinnamon, mint, etc.

You can even use your permitted milk allowance for a creamier smoothie (I use almond milk as a sugar free substitute for milk)

Jen LBy Jenya

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